Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the digital marketing strategy that is used to optimize a website to current standards set by search engines. The goal of optimizing is to help achieve high rankings and visibility in searches online. This ultimately results in an increase in your website traffic, leads, and sales.

In other words, excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial in order to get the exposure you want on the Internet.

rocket taking off of a laptop illustrating how SEO is the fuel for your website

You Need SEO Because It’s The Ranking Fuel For Your Website

Your website can be the 24/7 marketing powerhouse it was meant to be and not just a wasted asset.

If your SEO strategy is tight and covers all the bases your website will flourish on the Internet. It will rank for dozens, if not hundreds of keywords and you’ll see an increase in website traffic from people using search engines.

With SEO, the traffic coming to your website is free. It’s commonly referred to as Organic traffic because it is not traffic that you pay Google for as is the case for Pay Per Click.

SEO Brings You To Your Customers

Do you remember Yellow Page Ads, radio and cable commercial spots or print ads? Yeah, they are still around – but are these still effective marketing strategies today? Nope.

Your marketing efforts need to be for your business on the Internet as that is where the vast majority of people are searching in today’s world.

And how do you get seen on the Internet? SEO.

SEO is one of the most used online marketing strategies today because it helps put your products and services directly in front of potential customers online month after month, year after year.

How Do You Use SEO?

To ensure a basic level of SEO you’re going to need:

  • A website design that focuses on the user experience
  • Creative, well written, & authoritative content on your service pages, about page, blogs, etc.
  • Proper keyword usage
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • Alt tags
  • Proper URL structure

Because SEO can quickly become technical, tedious, and involves much more than what was stated above, it is imperative to have a professional SEO company in your corner.

This is especially true if you are interested in local SEO which includes managing business listings like Google My Business and helping your business rank in Google Maps.

The right SEO expert will know how to get you seen and will continue working with your website to maintain your online presence as the industry continues to evolve.

SEO can also be tricky – if it’s too heavy-handed, it can backfire causing you to lose ground in your efforts to climb in rankings, but not enough SEO leaves you on page 5 where no one will ever see your website.

SEO Is About Users, Not Search Engines

Search engines at their core are only interested in websites that provide the best possible search result for their users.

Your SEO strategy has to have the happiness of its users in mind.

What are your customers searching for? What are their needs? Their questions? How does your website answer that question or fill their needs?

Knowing how your audience is searching online through keyword research is how good SEO’s discover the best keywords and ways to optimize your website.

crashing rocket illustrating what happens when you use black hat seo techniques

Why You Should Avoid Manipulative Or “Black Hat” SEO

Before the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird updates released by Google over the last few years many spammy website owners and poorly run SEO firms manipulated the system to gain ranking.

Spammy keyword usage and shady link building that included buying backlinks from low-quality websites were rewarded with top spots in search engines no matter how irrelevant the website was to the initial search query.

For obvious reasons, Google and the other popular search engines work hard to clean up their results in order to provide the best answers and to keep their users coming back.

Now, in 2020, if you create a website where your SEO strategy is to “game the system” and try to rank as fast as possible using unnatural methods it’s simply not going to work anymore. It will be caught in the search engine filters and your website will be ignored, if not penalized.

If you end up being penalized it could mean being dropped from search engines altogether and you would have to abandon your company domain indefinitely.

Take The Next Step

If you’re wondering if you should be using SEO or if there are any other marketing methods you should consider, your first step should be a free consultation with an SEO company.

A free consultation will help you understand where you are, what options you have available, and the best marketing strategies you should be using for your business.

And since most SEO companies like ours do more than just SEO we are able to provide insight and services for all popular forms of digital marketing.

SEO is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly and potentially hazardous if used otherwise. Make sure you speak with multiple SEO companies before deciding on who to partner with. Look for transparency, honesty, and positive reviews from other businesses

Does your business need help being seen in searches online?

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