PPC allows us to increase your website’s visibility online - immediately.

No waiting for SEO to kick in, no worrying about new algorithm updates. PPC management is your answer to achieving nearly instant gratification online.

What Exactly Is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC), also referred to as Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search, is a form of digital advertising that puts ads for your business directly in front of your audience.

You can advertise within the listings of search engines or partnering websites, and pay only when your ad is clicked or displayed, depending on the advertising method used.

It’s quickly become one of the industry standards to marketing your website online.


of searchers click on ads.


of clicks go to the top 3 ads.


of PPC visitors are more likely purchase.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

PPC works rather simply – you set your budget, set where, how, and when your ads appear, and the PPC system does the rest.

When you set up advertising through PPC, you are competing with other ad accounts who want their own ads to appear. Because of this, ad accounts are analyzed and organized through what is known as the PPC Ad Auction. This is a completely automated system that prevents businesses from simply paying more to be seen – your ads have to be relevant and trustworthy.

What Types of PPC Advertising Are There?

Search Engine Marketing

Increase your business and website visibility in search engines through text ads that appear at the top and bottom of the search engine search results. You are only charged when your ad is clicked the user is sent to your website. This is the most common form of PPC advertising.

Display Advertising

This form of PPC advertisement allows you to use images, audio, or video to communicate your message to your audience through websites all over the web, including YouTube. Depending on your goals, you can set your account to be charged when your ad is clicked, viewed, or if the visitor converts on your website.

Have Your PPC Account Managed by JD Digital Marketing

A profitable PPC Campaign takes time and experience. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Whether you want to create a brand new account or you already have an existing one, having your Pay Per Click Campaign managed by the JD Digital Marketing agency in Austin, Texas, ensures that your marketing strategies are well spent and managed.

Our PPC Campaign management includes:

Keyword Research – We locate profitable, low-cost keywords that are specific to your business industry and target audience.

Competitor Analysis – Our team can uncover exactly what your competitors are doing and how much they are spending. Using this information we can replicate, optimize, and outdo your competition.

Landing Page Optimization – Where you send your ad traffic is vital to converting visitors into customers. Our team works with you to ensure that the landing pages you send your paid traffic to are designed to convert.

Ad Copy – What your ads look like in display advertising and what it says in search advertising can make or break the decision for a user to engage with your business. Don’t just take a guess on what will work, let our team uncover what will work and apply that your marketing campaign.

Remarketing Campaigns – When a user interacts with your ad but does not convert into a customer, they will be shown additional ads as they continue to browse the web. This optional service keeps you engaged with users who have expressed interest in your products or services.

Bi-Weekly Performance Reports – Stay empowered and informed with JD Digital Marketing. Our reports will show you exactly what you want to see – keywords, ad spend, locations, and more. Each report is customized to fit your specific needs.

Daily Optimizations – Our dedicated PPC Specialists perform daily assessments to ensure your campaign is working at its absolute best.


We believe in helping small businesses get the attention they deserve. That’s why we keep our management costs low – $400/month or 10% of your PPC budget/month. You won’t find a more affordable rate!

There are no fees for canceling your service with us nor are you obligated to stay with us for any given period of time. We want you to stay with us because you want to stay with us.

PPC Campaigns take a relatively short amount of time to fully develop. While your ads are immediately put into the system at the start, depending on the scope of the campaign we generally start to see quality results at 2 months.

Depending on your advertising goals there are a number of metrics that can be used to determine how successful a PPC Campaign is.

  1. Click Through Rate (CTR) – This metric is used to keep track of how many users that saw your ad decided to click on it. A good CTR generally reflects that your audience finds your ads helpful and engaging – increasing your traffic and lowering your costs.
  2. Conversion Rate – This metric tracks the rate at which users who click on your ads complete your desired actions (calls you, submits your form, etc). A good conversion rate is essential to any PPC Campaign.
  3. Cost Per Conversion – Ensuring that your campaign has a positive ROI by costing less than what you are earning from your new leads makes this a crucial metric to keep track of.